a Definotion: saudade.

Definotions is where we take a word—usually obscure, most likely pretentious—and build a small story around it. Don’t expect a lot of plot. Do expect a fair number of other obscure/pretentious words. Today’s entry is saudade. It also happens to be a rip-off of a scene from one of the greatest novels of all time.

She was a woman people thought of by her smile. Like a cetacean breaking the surface, it would emerge, and all would turn to admire it. But then, just as suddenly, her lips would relax, lapping over the teeth again—and the thing would be gone. Still, the gazes would remain fixed, waiting in case the wonder should repeat itself.

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the Philanthropist: issue one.

philanis1THE PHILANTHROPIST is an ongoing graphic(less) novel, with new issues appearing the first of each month.

Wouldn’t a novel without graphics just be like . . . yes, a regular novel. But a graphic novel without graphics would be a graphic(less) novel.

Hope you enjoy.
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