a crumb: Limbus: The Reckoning

As is most likely evident by now, the Philanthropist is taking a month off. It will return fresh and sparkly July 1st. Until then, here’s a new little segment called ‘crumbs,’ which is for things a little more than flash fiction but a little less than short stories. Enjoy.


Ok so first, well I was playing Limbus: The Reckoning and I had another idea which I know you’ll probably think is stupid too but whatever. So like I know I’m not very good at it, at Limbus, but I finally beat the boss and got to another level, and I was wondering if like this was the last level or if I had like five more bosses to beat or something, and but so what if it’s like that? What if after you die, you’re all of a sudden in like the next level, with a bunch of people that died in this world, but you can still die in this next level and you don’t know if there will be another level after it or if it’ll just be the end or what? I mean you’re probably going to think that’s wrong too, but like nobody knows so it could totally be true.

Anyway, I was supposed to call you because my dad forgot to give you the check today and he’ll give it to you Tuesday and he’s really sorry and blah blah. I told him I should get the check since I’m doing all the babysitting anyway, but whatever. You didn’t answer, anyway (obviously). Probably because you’re like hanging out with Ricky or something. I had like another really good idea too that I was going to tell you but I can’t remember it now. I don’t, like, not like Ricky or whatever it’s just that I think you could do like so much better than him, like it’s ridiculous. But whatever you would have liked the other idea a lot but I can’t remember it now.

I asked my dad why he never thinks about death and his answer was stupid too. Not as stupid as yours but almost. He just said that ‘life’ gets in the way. Which is so stupid! If I told my dad that like homework got in the way of me thinking about what happens after homework, he would not believe me for a second! It is totally possible to do homework and think about playing Limbus: The Reckoning, trust me, I know. At least he was honest I guess. He didn’t lie like you and be like ‘uh I dunno.’

I totally know you were lying because I know you think about it a lot too because when I asked you what you think happens after we die, you answered like really quickly and you knew your answer right away. And most people have to go like ‘hmm, umm, well .  . .’ because like they’re worried they’re going to make me cry or something but also because you can tell they like never think about it. Which is stupid! But don’t worry I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. You said that it’s like a fact, that science proves it, but science doesn’t really know anything. Every hundred years it, like, completely changes its mind. And besides, your answer doesn’t make any sense. Why would just nothing happen? Why would we be born and then live and then die and then just nothing would happen? What would be the point?

Oh, I remembered the other idea! It is really good but you’ll think it’s stupid. I don’t want to tell you now I’ll tell you Tuesday. And like if by then you decide you think you should stop hanging out with Ricky, that might not be the worst idea ever, you might find it actually makes you like a lot happier. Ok whatever bye.

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